Friends of Crowder Lake

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Friends of Crowder Lake

Friends of Crowder Lake was established to provide outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen, conservationists, and nature lovers a way to positively impact Crowder Lake through charitable investment, while also enjoying exclusive membership benefits and opportunities.

Operated by SWOSU since 1997, Friends of Crowder Lake University Park is a 158-water-acre and 159-land-acre park located 10 minutes south of campus. The park boasts a number of facilities and has lots of outdoor activities for the general public to enjoy.

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D’Ann Doerflinger
Reverend John Gifford
David Hawkins
Linda Hays
Robert Hicks
Jaron Keller
Jonna Kirschner 
Dr. Brian Rickel
Jackie Dickerson
Shirley Venable
Jerry Weaver


Animal Hospital of Weatherford
Sorina Cooper
Don and Sabine Crowder
Don and Sabine Crowder
Tracy Heinrichs
Dr. Mark Hoffman and Dana Hoffman
Alicia Marquis
Jessica Heard-Perry and Lyndon Perry
Dr. Sherry Westmoreland and Steve Westmoreland


Brian Aneshansley
Mathanic Hollan
South West Intermediary Finance Team